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About our firm

SIMATRA is the direct continuation of a Polish-French firm - ENERCO S.A.
       ENERCO S.A. was founded at the beginning of 1990 as a consequence of the first privatisation carried out in Poland during that time. Our Polish privatised partner, ZREMB Company produced tank containers for transporting cement. Its annual production increased to 2000 tanks. Owing to this fact, we decided, having privatised the above-mentioned firm, to start (basing on the French technology) constructing the tank containers for transporting hazardous materials. Considering that we bought the licence of a French firm BSLT and we produced 500 aluminium fuel tanks which were partly (about 50 of them) sold in France with the BSLT trademark.
       ENERCO S.A. was founded on the agreement of three partners: a French group COFITECH, a Polish firm STALEXPORT (the most important Polish metallurgical firm) and a Polish firm CPN (the most important firm dealing with fuel product distribution, at that time being the owner of over 1500 petrol stations).
       The CPN firm became the most important customer of ENERCO S.A. buying over 300 tanks, which are still in use.
       As a result of Polish structural and economical changes, three partners of ENERCO S.A. decided to separate. In these circumstances, on the Simatra partners' agreement, Simatra became the successor of ENERCO S.A.
       Since that time, SIMATRA has been the undisputed leader in fuel tank production. Mostly, it has been producing steel tanks for the Polish market but the close Polish access to European Union attracts greater interest among Polish customers who ask for aluminium tanks more often. At the time being we have a certain number of such tanks in production.
       SIMATRA is based on French technological culture and it tends to build up the whole organisation on the French model.